Several teams from Calvary Chapel and other churches in the United States, Canada, and other parts of Mexico have come to work alongside us in the Building ministry.  We were blessed with a compressed earth block machine that produces adobe bricks, runs on diesel, and produces about 270 blocks per hour.  The beauty of this machine is that anyone can help in the process of making and laying the block!  This makes producing and building with limited resources quite feasible.  Homes have been provided to those who are in need of shelter which is key in this wet climate during monsoon season.  Those who have volunteered feel that they have had a hands-on opportunity to take part in the great commission that our Lord gave His church by meeting the needs of others through this loving ministry, making His name known for His glory.

If God has put it on your heart to support financially this ministry you may contact us or you can use this link at Calvary Albuquerque Missions Department.  Simply select Calvary PV Building Fund to make your tax-deductible donation: